Mental health, Syd Barrett and revisiting society’s stigma

Mental health is an important social and health issue.  It is a vital issue that needs to be addressed but is often brushed off because of a stigma in most cultures that pervades actions or objective thought on the matter.

Mental health affects a lot of people.

Rekindling my passion for listening to Pink Floyd, I recalled that Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of the band, suffered from mental illness.  His illness ultimately led him to depart from the band. Fans of the band, like me, often wonder what Pink Floyd would have been or what they would have produced if Syd’s mental health issues were addressed in a way that would allow him to continue to perform with his mates.

Syd Barrett – courtesy of Wikimedia.

Listen to our latest podcast (15:33).

Our latest podcast also takes a look at the mental health issues that afflicted Syd.

It also suggests resources available to you if you or someone you love needs help with a mental health problem, including, designed to help youth. is an initiative supported by Smoothcube and the Seany D show. You can help out by making a financial contribution to our $5000 goal.

Our podcast episode revisits an earlier podcast on the subject of mental health.

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