episode #5 – Shine on all you lovely diamonds

Mental health issues
There is nothing crazy about it.

Shine on all you lovely diamonds.

While that statement is a play on words from the hit track “Shine on you crazy diamond” by Pink Floyd, the issue of mental health isn’t a crazy, passing fad.

As fans, like you and I, of the band know, Syd suffered from mental health issues. You may know someone in your life that suffers from similar issues, whether it be depression or anxiety.

Today, we wouldn’t use the word “crazy” to describe how we’d want someone to shine on.  But, back in the 1960’s, that was a word used to described many people with mental health problems.

Pink Floyd’s track from the album “Wish You Were Here” was a homage to their inspirational leader, whose innovative guitar playing, helped kick start the band’s career.  What if Syd had received more help or had access to resources we have today, back in 1968?

The podcast takes a look in general not just at Syd’s issues, but mental health in particular.

I talk some more about mental health in my podcast Mental Health – Ending the stigma. I take a closer look into what afflicted Syd in my podcast Mental health, Syd Barrett and revisiting society’s stigma.

Mental health is no laughing matter.  Those who continue to add to the stigma by avoiding an understanding of the underlying issues or pushing the matter aside, only extends the stigma.  I like to think that we live in an objective world where everyone takes the time to research, learn and contribute to the discussion about mental health.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares my view.

To play on the the words of Dr. Frasier Crane, the fictitious psychologist on the sitcom Frasier, “Thanks for listening.”

So shine on all you lovely diamonds.




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