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Smoothcube™ Business Analytics is focused on value-added educational services.

I started this business because I have a passion for teaching.

I want to create the next generation of critical business thinkers who have a passion of their own to challenge the status quo and change the world in which they live and work.

I want Smoothcube to be your destination as a business professional who is bright, energetic and motivated to reach new learning plateaus.

I firmly believe that ongoing professional development needs to happen in an open and collaborative environment where the professional drives the learning.  All ideas, thoughts and theses put forth as a result of learning with us are encouraged, debated, and analyzed with the ultimate goal of helping you grow as a critical business thinker in the field of leadership, negotiation and strategic thinking in today’s business world.

I also want to create an emotional education experience that inspires you, the new leader, to generate you own emotional educational experience with others.

Let’s learn about leadership, negotiation and strategic thinking in a collective and collaborative environment where your new knowledge takes you to new heights as we continue to act as agents of change, inspired to find real solutions to real business problems in an atmosphere of innovation, implementation and inspiration.

Smoothcube™ is located in the expanding metropolis of Ottawa with the Ottawa International Airport and VIA Rail FallowField station as two key transportation hubs nearby to get you into the nation’s capital. We create and work in an learning environment as bustling, energetic, accessible and inspiring as our nation’s capital.

Enquire at contact@smoothcubeanalytics.com.  Or you can use our contact form if you like.

All of your information is kept confidential.

Thanks.  Sean.


Sean D. Christopher, B.A., MBA
President and CEO, Smoothcube™ Business Analytics Corporation




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