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Smoothcube offers single skill training in a variety of business domains

Welcome to our learning page.

Smoothcube™ has a passion for learning and education.  Its core aspiration is to transfer knowledge to other business professional based on theoretical and practical concepts.  Smoothcube’s mission is to enhance the collective collaboration and peer engagement through the delivery of value-added educational services, using innovative tools and to do it green as much as possible.

Smoothcube™ and its education vision is to see students drive the learning environment, through teacher direction and through the application of advanced technology in the learning space.  Smoothcube believes that this method will not only increase learning capabilities but also heighten the interactive nature of learning to which Smoothcube aspires.

Our green philosophy is to reduce the amount of paper that is generated and to use educational mediums that reduces the carbon footprint of Smoothcube™ and its students’.

We offering single skill training in the following business domains:

  1. Leadership (View Syllabus)
  2. Negotiation (View Syllabus)
  3. Strategic Analysis (View Syllabus)
  4. Business Architecture (View Syllabus)

Each course takes less than 40 total hours to complete.

Please note that Smoothcube™ provides training for some, but not all, of the skills and knowledge required to work in a vocation.

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